How to get a list of administrators for Editable fileds


There are fields that ONLY Admin users have the rights to modify.


Using a Business Rule, we can Identify WHO can Edit the field.


When I'm hardcoding the Email of the works.

But If I try to use the Role (System Administrators) doesn't work.


Is this a limitation or something that is not properly configured in our roles ?


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Hello Francois,


As of now, the business rules don't work with roles. You can only use users instead of roles, but in this case, you'll have to create each business rule for each user. 


We already have a query registered for our responsible R&D team to implement the described functionality in the upcoming versions of the application. 

I will add this case to the query in order to increase its priority.


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Hello Francois,


The better way to achieve Your requirement is Object Permission settings (Use column permission). Have a look following printscreen as a example how to grand access to "All employees " to only read Account Name and for "System administrators" to read and edit.


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