How to eliminate/disable the use of Results on activities?

We are trying to implement a way to complete activities from the top panel in opportunities. The green 'Complete' button pops open a lightbox prompt to complete the Results but we don't want to use this field for completion. We want the user to be able to change the Status from this page and add notes. Where can we find the schema to possibly replace these fields? I'm looking for a 'low code' solution here, but I think it has to be coded.





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Hello Susan,

Could you please elaborate on your business task? 

Do you want to set up the default value for the 'select results' field or do you want to remove it at all?

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I am having the same enquiry and would like to remove it all.

Is it something we can do it ourselves?


Many thanks in advance


This can be only achieved by the means of development. The logic is stored in the ActivityMiniPage module and is connected to the "View" mode of the mini page. You need to review the logic of the "ProcessResult" or "DetailedResult" elements (their generation and visibility attributes) to add your own "Status" and other custom fields to it. For example you can use this code example to add the "AllowedResult" column to the mini page:

				"operation": "insert",
				"parentName": "MiniPage",
				"propertyName": "items",
				"name": "AllowedResult",
				"values": {
					"generator": "MiniPageEditControlsGenerator.generateModelItem",
					"layout": {
						"column": 0,
						"row": 9,
						"colSpan": 24,
						"rowSpan": 1
					"visible": {
						"bindTo": "isEditableResultsVisible"
					"contentType": this.Terrasoft.ContentType.LONG_TEXT,
					"wrapClass": ["container-mini-wrap"],
					"controlConfig": {
						"placeholder": {
							"bindTo": "Resources.Strings.AllowedResultControlPlaceholder"
					"controlWrapConfig": {
						"classes": {
							"wrapClassName": ["control-mini-wrap"]
					"labelConfig": {
						"visible": false,
						"markerValue": ""


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