How do I attach a PDF to a trigger or bulk email?

I am trying to set up a trigger email at the moment for anyone who downloads a whitepaper from our website. The email will have the whitepaper either attached or preferably linked in the body. How do I go about doing that?



Hello Collette,

Bulk/trigger emails are not supposed to have files attached to them since email provider can reject sending this email. The only way to have pdf file being attached to an email if it is trigger/bulk email - is to put this file as a link to a body of an email. Your file should be stored in some public storage that can be accessible by anyone and the link to it will be like this https://test_storage_system/$File/TestSheet.pdf. But if you put this link to the body of an email - recipients will get an error when open it. So you need to use OpenElement parameter at the end and make the link look like this https://test_storage_system/$File/TestSheet.pdf?OpenElement. As a result users will see opened pdf document (which they can download after that) that can be accessed from your bulk/trigger email.

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Thanks Oscar, 

Are there any add-ons in the market place that solve this? Or do you have a suggestion for a storage company that works well with bpm'online? 



There is no marketplace add-on that allows storing data. You need to create your own storage that can be accessible by everyone - for example public FTP storage system. Remote storage is just a remote storage and in terms of trigger/bulk emails there is no difference between them - the only requirement is that it should be accessible.

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