How to apply global search setting ?

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We made some changes on this lookup by adding another detail to be used by algorithm .


I can't find information how may i apply global search setting to be active in service on cloud instance?



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Hello Marcin,

Could you please elaborate more on your business task? 

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Hello Bogdan,


I found that this settings by default has 2 entries:

Contact -> details.ContactCommunication

Account -> details.AccountCommunication


I see that global search taking to the account this settings in processing  data (eg. display Contacts with specisied email on ContactCommunication detail).


Now by analogy i would like to add new entry Order and detail to OrderProduct to display Orders where specified product was used.


As a workaround i can create section based on OrderProduct and index it, but if it is possibility to do this by described setting will be much user friendly.


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Marcin Kott,


The mentioned lookup is not used in our system anymore. 

You are able to find the contact and account by the address because the address is duplicated on the cards of the main records. 

Of course, as workaround, you can create a section and index it. 

From our side - we will register ideas for our R&D team to implement this functionality in further releases.

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