How to add xml request body parameter to an integrated web service in Creatio

HI Team,


I am trying to integrate a web service in Creatio web service section with Set up the REST web service integration reference.

Where I am able to add web service, but not able to add xml body parameters.

Is there a way to add xml body parameters like how we will add the Json body parameters.


Thanks & Regards,

Akshaya B M


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Hi Akshaya


It is possible but using another automation Web-service. 


As you can see there are 2 options to choose: 


-REST Service

-SOAP service


The main difference in this case -  is that SOAP uses XML to transfer data, and REST uses JSON.


So for achieving your requirement working with automation Web-service using XML - please use the SOAP service:…


Best Regards, 


Bogdan L.


Bogdan Lesyk,

Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for the information and documentation.

But is there a way to add SOAP webservice without WDSL or XSD files and only with request and response XML data?

Thanks & Regards,

AKshaya B M

Don't know if you found your answer by now but I did not find any other thread that answered this. In any case, this is how you make it possible to provide an XML payload:

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