getting the full name of the current user

Hello on a activity task of a case i want to introduce a formula considering the whole name of the current user / current user contact (I don't understand the difference)

I use [#System variable.Current user contact.Name#], but not recognize Name, aldo try using value, which is the correct way to get the name?

"Estimado " + [#System variable.Current user contact.Name#]+", le recordamos que debe completar su Declaración de Conflicto de Intereses en un plazo no más allá de "+[#System setting.Dias para completar Declaración#].ToString() +" dias."



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Hello Julio,

To test everything on my side I've created a process like on the screenshot This process creates an activity with following subject: "Test activity" + " "+ [#Read Contact record.First item of resulting collection.Full name#] + " " + "end of subject". And here is the result of this process So please modify your process using my process as an example so to paste contact name inside some string field value.



Thanks Oscar


@oscar is really easiest, in my case i was to use [#Main record.Contact.Full name#]

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