Generate word printable outside Creatio Application

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We need to generate word printable outside Creatio Application. Is there a way we can do it through Webservices or Odata? Any idea please.


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We make following schema:

user starts a process (…), that generates printable, saves it and sends email with link or attachment. As alternative you can share a link with another option

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Try the following approach:


1) Find the basic GenerateMSWordReport method from the basic ReportService class 

2) Create a source code in configurations with the name like "UsrCustomReportGenerator"

3) Copy\paste method from step 1 into newly created UsrCustomReportGenerator from step 2, but make this method a callable cookie-based webservice.


The result of this service at step 3 should be JSON returned that stores filename and byte stream that contains a content of a file.


4) Use something like File.WriteAllBytes to process the incomming bytes stream and create a file with the result.

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