Freedom UI Lookup include "inactive" values


Looking into implementing Customer 360 now that filter business rules exist in 8.0.9.

However, we noticed lookups are showing inactive values, which is not the case in Classic UI.

Is this expected behaviour (meaning proper filtering of inactive values does not exist yet)? Or is this a bug that needs correction ?



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Could you please describe the issue in more detail and provide the screenshots of the problem if possible?

Mira Dmitruk,

Sure !

For example, account types: we have 2 inactive values in our Account Type lookup: Our company & Contractor

In classic UI, when you work on list & form pages, these 2 values will not show up, but in Freedom UI yes (see screenshots below). Same scenario for inactive contacts, inactive accounts, inactive fields in other lookups, etc....

Any idea if this would be fixed for Creatio 8.0.10 ?



We don`t see a column "Inactive" from our side. Could you please describe how did you create it?

Mariia Sorochan,


Indeed sorry, we call it "inactive" but it's deactivated records.

You activate the feature for any object by creating a replacing object, here for accounttype, and you click the OOTB feature "Allow records deactivation"


You will then notice the "inactive" column as a choice in the columns to display, such as the example here with a Creatio 8.0.9 trial account:


Did this ever get improved upon in a later version of Freedom UI?

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