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Hi All,


Im trying a poc for the below add on where it send approve or reject options in email and  user approve .…


Issues : 


1 . When i click approve , it just times out and do not do any thing , does that mean the user who approves needs a valid license ? or User ?



Sethuraghav N

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Hi Sethu Raghav,

This add-on is free. Therefore, no license is required. Please verify that the anonymous service is set up according to the user guide.

Dear, the problem is that the approver MUST be a Creatio User, cannot be "any contact" like a customer, for example

Hi, can anyone help with this,


From what I have discovered and it is not documented, actually this addon is oriented to Creatio users, when they are not connected to Creatio, so they can make an approval.

Any idea how to extend this app to be able to send an approval request to a customer, for a quote, for example?




Hi Julio,


It is a limitation (approver MUST be a Creatio User) not of this app, but the Creatio approval functionality.

Therefore, the responsible team can't extend the app to overcome this limitation.

Note that a Creatio user is a user of any type. You can consider additional user types for this task as well.

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