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I have a Business Process that creates Leads based on incoming mails. The scenario that creates a problem is- Person- X recommends person- Y and sends a recommendation mail. Now receiving this Mail the BP creates a new Lead. Meanwhile person-Y sends a mail describing His needs, following which the BP gets triggered and creates a new Lead for this mail. Currently both the mail refers to Person-Y, and 2 leads are created for Person-Y.  I need to avoid this duplicate Lead creation. I tried to use "Setup duplicate rules" option, but both mails have different names and email ID.

How to avoid this duplicates Lead creation?


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Hello Angel,

It is difficult to give an exact answer, but you can try the following approach.

Try to add a search for similar leads to the process of creating leads from the business process.

You can add conditional flows that will check duplicates in the system under certain conditions and direct the process to the appropriate branch.

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 yes we have planned to use conditional flows to check the lead email Id if it is same merge the records or kept them as it is. Thank you Bogdan

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