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I am currently working on a system that is going to have a very large amount of contact records stored in in and as such, I need a way to disable the Birthday notifications that appear in Creatio. My users most likely aren't going to want to get about 9,000 birthday notifications a day!

Any help disabling this feature would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Kenin,

There is no way to remove them using basic functionality however you can delete AnniversaryNotificationProvider record from NotificationProvider table (http://prntscr.com/ql0wip) and it will disable all birthday notifications:

delete from NotificationProvider where ClassName = 'Terrasoft.Configuration.AnniversaryNotificationProvider'

Please use this marketplace tool to run SQL-queries in your system if it is hosted on-demand.

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

I installed the marketplace tool and deleted AnniversaryNotificationProvider as you directed but I am still receiving the Birthday notifications. It does not seem to be working. 

Kevin Brady,

if you are using standard application logic that generates birthday notifications - then it is impossible that they are being generated after deletion the record I mentioned. Please email us at support@creatio.com and provide us with the link to your application and also with external access to the system according to Creatio Academy article here and we will check why does it happen.

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