Difficult to handle Collection type Response parameters

I have been struggling very much with handling collection type response parameters in web services.

When response parameters are or normal type they are very easy to handle in the business processes. Here we are able to handle them as parameters on the Call web service process element. And use these in the process right away.

When there is a Collection which is returned, this is very different. Now the Call web service element parameter is of type Collection of Objects with attributes.

It seems to me that this parameter-type is very difficult to handle in the business process. I can't seem to find documentation in the Academy about how to extract and loop through the contents of the Collection of Objects with attributes.

What I have found in the academy is this article about setting up the Web service.

What I need to learn is how to handle them in bpm'online business processes.
Is there something about this in the Academy?
Is writing source code the only option? It's difficult to debug.

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Dear Julius,

Unfortunately, it is impossible to handle parameters that have the “collection of object” type without using the source code.

Therefore, in this case we recommend using “ScriptTask” element for both calling the web-service and processing the results of call.

For more detailed assistance, please contact technical support.

Best regards,


Norton Lingard, Thank you. Is there anything like this in the academy? Because there is a special bpm'online syntax to go by in the source-code.

Dear Julius,

The service call in a "Script task” business process element can be implemented via native C#. Please find a lot of examples on how to do that in Google. For example, several links below:



Please note that it is possible to use the native C# collections instead of working with the the special bpmonline collections.

Best regards,


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