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Hi all,

We have a custom section called 'Dossiers'.

A dossier can have multiple invoices. Therefore we created a custom detail 'Invoice history' where each record is linked to a dossier (name UsrDossierInvoiceHistory).

Now I want to make the data from this detail available like a section so I can add it to a workplace and all records (linked to all dossiers) are displayed and can be filtered on.

Would it be enough to add a file 'UsrDossierInvoiceHistorySection' and 'UsrDossierInvoiceHistoryPage'?

Or can I achieve this using the section wizard, referring to an existing detail object?

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Dear Vincent,

Please refer to this community question regarding registering custom section for existing object…. In your case your detail is an object and you need to create a section from it.

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