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Using below link we can add custom button on CRM section/edit page and specify our own logic like for example we will execute a business process after clicking this button


Any idea how we can achieve it in mobile example, I need to show custom button in section/edit page then on click i will execute a business process?





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The functionality can be implemented through development.

In order to add a button to the mobile application please follow the instructions from the article by the link below:

The business process is run on the server side. It's possible to run it from the mobile application by calling the web service. The ProcessEngineService.svc service allows the external application to run business process in the bpm'online. Please find more information about using the web service in the article on Academy:

Also please check the article about how to call the web service in the Mobile App. It will be helpful for your purposes.

Alina Kazmirchuk,

Thanks Alina,

Any idea how can i put a custom button on section page?


Fulgen Ninofranco,

Unfortunately, there is no way to add a button on a section page in the mobile application.

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