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I added a custom button to the Account edit page. It does not show initially unless i do additional refreshes to the page. If i add to the button to the Account section as well, the button shows up correctly on the Edit page without the need to refresh.

I only want it to show up on the Account edit page. How do i do that?

Thank you!

	"operation": "insert",
			"parentName": "ActionButtonsContainer",
			"propertyName": "items",
			"name": "MyButton",
			"values": {
			itemType: Terrasoft.ViewItemType.BUTTON,
			caption: "Custom Button",
			click: { bindTo: "buttonClick" },
				"layout": {
				"column": 1,
				"row": 6,
				"colSpan": 1


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Dear Allen,

The issue is associated with the mode the page is opened in. In the combined mode (when there is the vertical list to the left or the blue arrow to open the vertical list) the buttons displayed are configured by the section schema page. Thus, for the custom button to be displayed here you need to apply the changes to the code of the AccountSectionV2. 

Once you refresh the page, it goes to the separate mode (no blue arrow to open the list on the left is available). Here the list of the buttons you see is configured by the code on the AccountPageV2. 

Thus, if you need the button to be displayed in both modes, you should add the code to both schemas. 


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