Create pdf through Business Process (Portal trigger)

Dear community,


I am using the following apps:


'Save Printable' (keep in mind that we tried with a script first but we switched to this for ease of use)


Whenever we trigger our business process manually, the pdf gets created automatically. Whenever the BP gets triggered by the portal, the attachment doesn't get converted. We still use the same BP with the same values.


Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Yosef,


Please note that the Aspose connector does not support generating pdf printables when triggered by the portal.

Kindly answer the following questions for the responsible team to further analyze your use-case:

1. What Creatio product and version are you working with?

2. Do you get  a .docx printable generated automatically when the BP is triggered by the portal?

3.  Could you provide us with a BP diagram to have a clearer idea of the use-case?


Thank you for your feedback!

Svetlana Kobizka,


We actually call the BP through API with a portal user in Creatio.

1. We use Creatio sales, marketing & service / 7.17.1

2. We get a PDF file but we can't open it. Changing it to .docx makes us able to read it as a word file.


this is the initial process:

We call the invoice through API and set it to "Complete". As soon as this happens, we trigger the following flow which is the subprocess:


Here we have the "save printable" block.

Everything works except when the status is set to complete through the portal API.



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Hi Yosef,

Regarding the second issue, we need you to run a check-up and get back to us with the results.

Please set the printables generation to .docx printables in the subprocess in the 'Save printable' element. Run the business process and tell us if a .docx printable is successfully generated when the BP is triggered by the portal.

Alexander Demidov,


If we set the processs to docx, everything works. Right now, when we change the generated pdf (through portal) file to ".docx", we can open it in word.


Kind regards,


I also noticed that we can't generate a pdf in the instance either unless we place an approval block:

Without the approval block, the pdf gets created but we're unable to open it unless we manually change it to ".docx" :

This process was triggered within Creatio.



Kind regards,


Hi Yosef,


Thank you for the clarification. I have submitted this update to the responsible team.

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