Create edit page when the default one is deleted OR delete section without deleting the object


By mistake, I deleted the edit page from the configuration and now can't add a new edit page from the section wizard.

How can I create the edit page?

OR, if this easier, I can remove the section and re-create it so it automatically creates the edit page again BUT I cann't delete the object I'm using for the section!

The articale below does not help as it removes the object too.*q59rz4*_gcl_au*NDgwMDkzNzMyLjE2ODUzNTU1MTc.#title-2330-13


Any ideas?



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I ended up deleting all objects described in the article beside the object itself. Executed all the SQL schema and manually delete the data schemas that were created for the section and the section got removed without the object and I was able to create a new section with that existing object

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