Create different admin levels?

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Does anybody know if it is possible to create different admin levels?

For example, super admins that can choose what is logged / activate/deactivate logs, but normal level admins that would not be able to edit logs.

Or another case, how to configure creatio to imitated the data isolation mode given to Creatio support - so that the client for example has super admins (normal admin access) to all Creatio and the record data, while other admin users will never see record data or can be given access to data only on demand?



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This can be achieved via setting up access rights, records, and operation permissions. With the help of these, you can assign users permissions to create, read, update or delete data. Also, information on organizational/functional roles will be helpful in this case.


You can read more on this here:

Record permissions

Share records

Object operation permissions

Organizational roles

Functional roles


Unfortunately, it's hard to provide you with a detailed guide on which steps to take as we require more details regarding the business case you have in mind.


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