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If we can receive BPMCSRF token through AuthService.svc service can we open contextual Creatio page  by passing this token to requst header ?


Do You have any experience with XMLHttpRequest is this possible or there is another integration option ?


Let say that we have 2 instances of Creatio and user have button on Account to open Opportunity section on other Creatio instance with his credential so first system a will receive BPMCSRF from system b and then system a will open (using XMLHttpRequest ?)  Opportunity section page in system b.


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Hi Marcin,


Not sure if it works with the cookie-based webservice, but it should work for the anonymous webservice. The idea is as follows:


1) Upon clicking the button on the account page of the application A the XMLHttpRequest is sent to the custom anonymous webservice endpoint of the application B.

2) The anonymous webservice in the application B triggers the business process with the script task (using )

3) The process with the script task sends a websocket message to a specific user (for example you can add some logic to the custom webservice so it could be triggered with some parameter values that then could be passed to the business process that is being called)

4) Create a websocket message handler on the client-side (in the ClientMessageBridge)

5) Once the socket message is received on the client-side call the this.sandbox.publish method for the PushHistoryState message and pass the config of the page to open.


Or you can directly call the ProcessEngineService.svc service using a GET query passing the BPMCSRF cookie from the application B inside the application A and perform steps 3-5 without a custom webservice (works in Postman, the process is being called):

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