Configuration WebService - Get full response on a single field


The webservice i added to the configuration is failing, is there a way to see the outgoing POST request or at least check the complete response i'm getting from the server?


I'm using it trough a business process i need to know if the webservice is responding with codes other that 200 OK

Like 0



You can turn on tracing for the process. This will likely show you what is being received from the web service. To turn this on, select your process and click the properties button. Then, check the "Trace enabled" checkbox. Once you've done that, you can run the process and it will record additional information. To see this information, find the process in the process log and open it. Then, when you click steps in the process log, you will see a button for "View trace data"

Be sure you turn off tracing for the process when done since it does add additional overhead. 


Dear Luciano, 

You can use the approach mentioned by Ryan, or you can use the response parameter right inside the business process, so to write response to other object or display as a notification. 

Lets say you have a web service element. You can create a new object in the system, e.g. CallServiceLog, which would have a text field and data (any other needed info). In the business process right after web service element, you can add Add data element, which would add a new record to the CallServiceLog object and will take response from web service element. Afterwards, you can create a lookup based onCallServiceLog object and check for responses.



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