Change order of lookup values in a list

Hello Community,

I am looking to change the order of lookup values.  For example: we want the field to display Low,Medium, High in that order  It seems the system defaults to alphabetical order.(High, Low, Medium).

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Dear Melanie,

There are no basic application tools to change the alphabetical order, however it can be achieved with the help of the development tools. Here is the example what should be done.

You can add the "order" attribute for every field that you need to sort to the edit page schema where the field is located.In the following example we created the integer "UsrSorting" field in the lookup UsrTestLookup1 and copied the values from the "Name" field there.

attributes: {

            "UsrTestLookup1": {

                lookupListConfig: {

                    orders: [


                            columnPath: "UsrSorting",

                            direction: Terrasoft.OrderDirection.desc







As the result, your lookup will be sorted in the 'descending' mode, from the higher to lower value

Best regards,


Thanks so much for your help!

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