Change header title From new record to something else

I want to change the new record title to something else when i click new.







To change this caption you need to replace schema MainHeaderSchema and change the value of localizable string DefaultPageHeaderCaption to the needed value ( 
Here is the academy page on how to replace schemes:

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Dennis Hudson,

Thanks Dennis but when i replace the schema changes are made for all the sections, i wand custom header for one section like new page for account page. Also please tell me how will i change the subject of email before sending like dynamic subject. Please see the screen shot below

Muzzammil Alam,

You can check if you are you are in the certain section and use the needed value instead of DefaultPageHeaderCaption in the subscribeSandboxEvents method in MainHeaderSchema. To do this you would need to override this method in the replacing schema. To check if you are in the correct section you can use this.get("entitySchemaName"), for example. 

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