Change the format of the Date/Time field in Mobile grid view

Hi Community,

In mobile grid view, we are showing a date/time field, we want to change the format of Date/Time. Anyone, please guide me to do this.

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It's possible to set the correct date time format in user profile settings in Creatio that will be automatically applied to the mobile application too -


Hi Alina (or others), I aware that this is a quite old post, but in the current Mobile app it doesn't seem to work. I have the date and time format in my Creatio app set to Dutch, which should mean DD/MM/YYYY for the date, yet it remains in format MM/DD/YYYY in the mobile app. I've also searched system settings in the browser app, but am not able to find anything useful. Is there any way to force this change in the Mobile app, as I can't seem to find it. Thanks

Hi Kurt,


unfortunately, there is no such option to change the date format, as for now.

We will register the task for our developers to add this functionality in the future.




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