Can not add records in detail with editable list

Hello Creatio Community,

I can not add records in a custom detail added in the Account section.

When i Click the plus sign of the detail nothing happens.

From F12 i get a very generic issue (Can not read properties of undefined (reading ' toLowerCase'). How can i further debug/solve the issue ?

Thank you


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Hello Sasori,


unfortunately, it is quite difficult to analyze the issue like as there might be too many different reasons for such an error.


I kindly recommend you creating a separate support case and our team will help resolving the problem you are facing.


Kind regards,


Thank you Gleb :)

I was having similar issues.  What I found out is it depends where the detail is at.  For example I was creating a detail around work history.. One of the default fields was contact.  If I entered any contact other than the employee I was looking at it wont show on that contact record.  There is a logical dependency there...  I took the contact component out and works fine....  @Sasori... that is My guess as to what you are running into.

Jason Miller,

Thank you very much Jason !

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