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We have a use-case where we have to support parallel development and UAT activities on BPM'Online. Ideally, we'd like to achieve it through a branching strategy on SVN, where we have a "main" branch for development and a "UAT" branch which is forked out of "main". This "UAT" branch will run independently of "main" to cater to UAT fixes. Once UAT is done it will be merged back with "main". During the UAT phase, the "main" branch will continue to get updated with ongoing development activities. I wanted to check if this is feasible from a BPM'Online perspective. Can this branching strategy be seemlessly integrated into BPM'Online? If yes, could you point me to some documentation that has guidelines around this?

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Please feel free to find information about working with SVN on the bpm'online platform in the article by the link below:


Thank you for your reply Alina! My question was more around branching strategy to support parallel development initiatives, for example, to support in-proc development and release hot fixes at the same time. Also the possibility of switching branches on demand based on whether it is release related work or main development activity. Below is a fair representation of what I was having in mind. Also, is there a way to merge the release branch with the main development branch? Does BPM'Online support such a branching strategy?

Unfortunately, bpm'online doesn't support a branching strategy.

Thanks Alina! Is it part of the product roadmap? Can you suggest a workaround?

The only approach for working with SVN on the platform is described in the article mentioned earlier.

Alina Kazmirchuk,

Your article is just about configuration management, not SVN specific. The question is about branching strategy, not configuration management.

Van Ly,

As it was mentioned above, unfortunately, 

bpm'online doesn't support a branching strategy.

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