Auto generate case number from section field and date

Good day.

I am new to BPM Online(And C#). I just registered a 14 day free account to try it out.

I want to use the sub process to create a case number when a new record is created on a section. Please see the image below:

When the new record is saved the process starts and reads the zone filed from the request record as depicted below:

Upon reading the zone field I then assign the zone filed to the zone process variable using the formular task as depicted below:

I then use the zone process variable to formulate the case number in the code script as depicted below:

string unique_numer =  DateTime.Now.ToString("yyMMddhhmmss");
string  zone_val = Get<Guid>("zone").ToString();
string case_number=(zone_val+"-"+unique_numer)
return true;

The challenge I am facing is to get the value of the selected lookup zone field to store the value into zone_val string filed.

How to get the selected value from the zone lookup filed using C# code. The value that I get is a Guid data type and cannot get the value of the lookup.

I need to store the generated CaseNumber to the case_number field in the database as depicted below:

You help will be highly appreciated as I am currently stuck.


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Dear Tebogo,

You may create a system setting that will store this number and use it in the future number generation. You can find detailed example here:…

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Assuming you want the field name in the Zone Table : 

var uc = Get<UserConnection>("UserConnection");
Guid zoneId = Get<Guid>("zone");
var esq = new EntitySchemaQuery(uc.EntitySchemaManager.GetInstanceByName("Zone"));
var entity = esq.GetEntity(uc, zoneId );
string zoneName = entity.GetTypedColumnValue<string>("Name");


Angela Reyes,

Thank you very much Angela.

Jerome BERGES,

Thank you very much Jerome, highly appreciate it!

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