Application installation failed

Hi Team,

I am using the following set up of creatio -

Whenever i try to install any marketplace plugin, I get the following error in image. I have added the log file as well. Kindly help me with the issue.




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Dear Gokul, 

Can you please try to install the same app again and specify if the same issue still occurs?
If so, new installation logs will be much appreciated. 

Kind regards,

Roman Brown,

Again i am getting same error as in the image. But this time it is showing up in installed application even though installation error occurred . Also the logs are different. attaching the latest log file (installLogLatest.txt) in main thread

S Gokul Aditya,

Seems like this time application was installed. There were no errors during the installation.  The message in the logs indicates warnings which can be ignored. 

Kind regards,

Roman Brown,

Thank you for the prompt reply. However I am not able to find/add quotes section in workplace as given in the marketplace  plugin-


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