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How to hide the 'All apps' workplace or at least hide some sections from this workplace (users should have access to records via lookups but should not see the section)?

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+1 for this functionality, to be able to set it up for all or some groupe of users

Definitely agree this needs to be possible if it isn't already!



Unfortunately, there is no possibility to disable the "All Apps" workplace at the moment. However, we have already registered a problem regarding this and forwarded it to our R&D team for review so it could be fixed in one of the future versions of the application.

Mira Dmitruk,

This is also a potential security issue. Users are able to see sections that are not supposed to be visible to them. This means that with every section we need to ensure that record permissions are available and implemented. Also, I notice the lack of AuthGuard. If a user appends a section page name to the URL, they are redirected to that section as well.

Can we have a workaround (even custom code) to remove/ hide All Apps and other irrelevant workplaces based on user role?

Mira Dmitruk,


Any news on this?


It is very important and 


Like Shivani was asking, is it possible to limit acces to users, even if it is via custom code?


This is really important



Luis Tinoco Azevedo,

For version 8.1.2 there is operation permission to hide All apps workplace

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