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While we are going ahead with a certain set of Creatio modules (Eg Service, Portal) for the 1st phase of an implementation, in all likely hood, we will include more modules (Eg Marketing) down the line. There will be some shared objects (default and custom) that we need access to across both sets of modules.

Does this impact our development approach in any way? If we work on top of a custom package in Phase 1, Can we continue using the same package in the future as well?

Pls let us know if there are any challenges to doing this and anything that we need to be wary of while implementing the first phase.

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We do not recommend to use a Custom package to store implemented changes. If you meant just any custom package then yes, you may develop all changes in one package. It is up to you on how to distribute customisations. Most important is to remember all connections and keep in mind what changes are added in what package and how changes are connected. 


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