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In the 7.14.4 release notes it's written " You will need to order new licenses before updating Creatio on-site to version 7.18.0. You can order licenses in the license manager (available for version 7.17.3 and later).
The issued licenses are valid for the version you specify during the order and earlier, streamlining the update process. "

Does that mean that for instance version 7.16 ou 7.17.0, I need to request the 7.18.0 (or later) licences and then

  1. install those licences and only then start the upgrade procedure ?
  2. Or can they be installed after being updated to 7.18 ?

Many thanks,


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Hello Damien,


Thank you for your message.


You can request and install licenses both before and after updating. If you do it before - please specify the version you would like to update your site to. If you request your licenses after updating - you won't need to specify the version as it will be done automatically. 


Best wishes,


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