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Hi Creatio,


it would be great to have a progress page regarding update releases for partners, because the delivery time between the release notes of an update and the actual availability of update files are inconsistent.

To be able to read (weekly?) progress and update availability would be great to handle customer expectations.

Thank you,



+ backlog for partners :)

Hello Damien, 


Thank you for the idea. 

Let me mention that "Release date" of a specific version can be tracked in the "Release notes" article directly on our Academy, for each new release version a corresponding article is created.

Installation files of a new release version is always available in approximately 14 days from the release date, once final testing is completed (and successful) by our responsible R&D team.  


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Hello Vladimir, 


If you are interested in a specific query for functionality implementation registered for our R&D team and would like to have an update about it, you can contact our support team using so we will be able to update you about the progress. As of now, the progress of such queries are being tracked only directly in our system. 


But we've registered a corresponding query for our R&D team to consider your suggestion.

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Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Just to give you a counter example:


  • Release date of  Creatio 8.0.5 : 3rd of November
  • Status of actual release date of installation files - not released as of the 7th of December (that's 34 days after release date announcement, more than double the approximate time to installation release )
  • General communication done to partners - none (please correct me if I am wrong)
  • Release date of next release 8.0.6 : 13th of December (public event - in less than a week)

You can see with the timetable here above of events, why clients are asking questions about 8.0.5 not in production while 8.0.6 is already  presented next week.

It would be great to have a more consistent dashboard of communication - new section in partner portal for example?

Seeing I have a couple likes and a comment - it feels that your current update process and communication around is not really fullfiling  partner needs.

Do I really need, for each release, to guesstimate a release date of installation files, guesstimate progress, have to systematically ask support for information ? Feels like an unproductive process ?

Provoking for a better solution here ?


Re-upping the demand, it's the 16th of January, a month since the 13th December release.  Seems we're slightly off track the "2 weeks from release date announcement  "availability for 2 releases in a row ( well more if you consider some instances are jumping from 8.0.4 to 8.0.6) - An update progress page readable by partners seems more than relevant ...



Anastasiia Zhuravel,

thank you!

It is very useful for Partners to know all bugs already found in Creatio in order to give excellent support for customers. Otherwise we spend our time for researching of each case instead of just finding the situation, reason and status in the full list

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