Update links in documentation

Hi ,

At the end of page :…

There is a link to see examples of mini pages, however I get accessed denied (I am logged in the academy already)…

Could you fix the link?

Thank you :)


Hello Damien,


Thank you for your message.


The mentioned article was outdated and, hence, deleted. Please refer to the one below instead:…


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Anastasiia Lazurenko,

Quick question then: why is it still there or not updated ? :)


Dear Damien,


Thank you for flagging this. We will update the information.


Best wishes,


Additional comment on this page…

The referring figures are based on the configuration UI that predates the update 7.17.0 that was released on the 28th October 2020.

When can we expect actual up-to-date documentation ? There has been quite a lot of changes in the last 11 months.....


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