Making autogenerated schema names more readable

When I create a section Foo, UsrFoo1Page and UsrFoo1Section are generated. Is the '1' needed here? I usually change the names to remove this number.

The situation is even worse when it comes to details - they get names like UsrSchema15Detail. With many details in the repo it starts getting difficult to understand what are all of them doing. Of course we can change the names ourselves but would it be possible to generate them better in the first place? If we take into the account what entity are they based on, we could probably automatically name them something like UsrFooDetail (and UsrFooDetail2, UsrFooDetail3, etc. if more than one detail is needed).


Dear Carlos,

I have forwarded your request to our business analysts. They will evaluate the possibility of implementation in future system releases.Thank you for helping us to make our application better!

I do agree. I would love to have the names without the unnecessary numbers in them. Plus, I'd love to not have to keep renaming my details. 

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