Hello all,

I am working with a business process that runs each morning automatically. However, it seems to get stuck at an exclusive gateway with a conditional flow and a default flow. It doesn't error but it also doesn't continue advancing. 

In looking into the issue, I found mention of a setting on the business proccess FAQ page mentions a JIS Pool. 

"Rarely, the incorrect "Maximum number of working processes" setting in the JIS pool can cause the bug. If a value greater than 1 is set, then opened processes accumulate and stop responding."

I can't find mention of JIS pool anywhere esle in the documentation, does anybody know what the JIS pool is and where I can find it? I would like to check this setting to confirm that it is set up correctly.

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Hi Kevin, 


Did you find the reason for the stuck process and how to fix it?

I'm facing the same issue.

I have a scheduled business process which gets stuck (status = running) on an Exclusive Gateway (OR). Any other way of starting the process (manual or on field change) seems to work fine. 






This parameter is stored in the IIS pool settings:

this is an example from my test IIS pool from the local app, but by default the number here is 1 for the cloud-based apps.


Hello Tiago,


We need to take a look at this process on our end. Please email us at support@creatio.com and provide us with the link to the app with this process, provide us with the name of this process and also provide us with external access with access to data and configurations.


Best regards,


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