Hello all,

I am working on configuring the duplicate records found page. Is there a way to be able to click on the duplicate record and be taken to the duplicate's record page?

Like if I am adding a record for Kevin Brady, and then this page appears. Can I click on one of these records to say that the found duplicate is actually the record I'm looking for? It seems limiting that my only options are to either back up or to just continue and save the duplicate.

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Hello Kevin,

Unfortunately there is no way to setup system in the way so if you click on duplicates on save list record you are redirected to this record. It was always like that and I've already created a problem to our R&D team so they could add this possibility in an OOB version of the application. Currently you need to return to section list after saving the record and create filter that returns all duplicates records and merge them in section.

Thank you for the idea of Creatio application logic improvement!

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