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We are trying to add new contact via Email but there are few fields which are made mandatory in the contact section and without those field values, contact is not being created.


For Eg: the “Type” field is mandatory in the contact section but in the email even if we select enrichment from the incoming email, we won’t get that data for the "type" field. 


Question : In that case, what can be done to add the mandatory fields also while adding a new contact from an email?


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Hi Amritha,


You can use this option when adding a contact upon record creation and then choose the contact type manually:

Also you can set some value for the contact type as a value by default in the "Contact" object settings for the "Type" column:

And as a result the contact will be automatically created with the "Type" column value being filled in.


These two approaches are easier than replacing the ContactEnrichmentSchema, adding the ContactType attribute and column into the modal window that is opened when enriching the contact.


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