Hi Community,

Creatio makes an automatic actualization of the Age of a Contacts every day.

I want to capture the event when the Age of a Contact changes(is Modified) and utilize it inside a Business Process.

Is this possible ?


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Hi Community,

Any update regarding the topic ?

Hi Sasori , 

Could you please elaborate a bit on your business task? 

The age is updated every day at a certain time, by the OOTB logic. 

It's not entirely clear what logic you'd like to utilize in your business process.

Looking forward to your response. 


Hi Yurii,

This is the scenario.



From the OOTB feataure of age actualization , lets say that the age of a contact on his birthday is updated from 48 to 49 years old.


Can we capture this automatic change of the age and initiate a Bussiness Process out of it. Se we want a business process to be triggered when Age of contact is 49 years old.


Can this be achieved ?


Hi Yurii,

Any Update regarding this topic ?


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