Dear mates,

I m building an external form which must insert/update an object collection with oData.

GET - POST and DELETE works fine

But if i want to update (PUT), i ve got the following error: the item is not found

{"error":{"code":"1","message":{"lang":"","value":"L'\u00e9l\u00e9ment UsrExternalisation est

."},"innererror":{"message":"L'\u00e9l\u00e9ment UsrExternalisation est

.","type":"Terrasoft.Common.ItemNotFoundException","stacktrace":" at


My PUT function works fine in other object update.

Do you have an idea why this error occurs ?



Like 0



What does the URL look like that you're doing the PUT on? It needs to look like this (but obviously with the record Id instead of an empty Guid):


Also, even though the docs specify a PUT for updates, it will also accept a PATCH (which is what I usually use)


Hi Ryan,

I don't understand why my PUT calls work fine today without any modification on my side.

Here's the URL:


I see with my support team if they have modified something.

Thank you for the answer, have a nice day.




I had the problem one more time.

it was because i didn't compile the database new elements before to try my oData access

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