Hi Community,

I have a scenario below, that we want to apply on the mobile app

1. On Case edit page there will be a link to open a map

2. On the map user can move a pin to indicate his current location.

3. Capture the location(long/lat) based on the location of the pin

Any idea how I can implement above scenarios?



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Dear Fulgen,

You can inspect the Account address detail as an example of integration with OpenStreetMaps in the system and Field Force application as an example of maps functionality on mobile apps. 

Best regards,


Angela Reyes,

Thanks Angela, I tried in Account address detail, by clicking it map is opening, what I need is that user should be able to pin location on the map, then will capture the coordinates(long/lat) and save it back in case edit page in mobile. Do you have any sample for this.

Fulgen Ninofranco,

Try checking Field Force application as well as it contains map for mobile application. Unfortunately we do not have any example of such customisation. 

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