For mail functionality, why is creatio forcing users to key in their mailbox credentials inside its UI? Does it persist these credentials in its local database?  I am trying to configure an office 365 mailbox, but don't want to store my credentials in creatio. Is there a way of using OAuth to synchronize my office365 mailbox?

Another question. For sending automated mails from creatio, I don't want to have to configure a separate office365 admin mailbox and use it as part of my business processes. I would like to have the flexibility of using my own SMTP server (note that it isn't an email service provider, but a generic SMTP server that acts as a relay) with a dummy "from" address for automated outgoing mails. Is there an out-of-the-box way of doing this?

Thanks for all the help

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For your second question (sending out an email from your own SMTP server) just add an email provider definition and uncheck the "Download emails" part, then add your own SMTP values for sending emails. I use Mailjet for outgoing emails and this method works great.

Then you can set up a mailbox and select this provider and use it as needed for sending out emails from processes, etc.


Ryan Farley,

Thanks a lot for your reply, Ryan! I have a follow-up question. Did you have to configure a separate mailbox on mailjet with valid credentials - userid and password? Or were you able to proceed with a dummy "from" address? If it's the latter, did creatio let you bypass the entry of credentials while creating a mailbox?

I am looking for a way of configuring the "from" address as "noreply-creatiocare@northwind.com" where this "from" address is not a valid address and doesn't exist on the northwind domain. It is only a dummy address being used to send automated emails. Is this possible on creatio?

Thanks again for all the help...

Hello Amantena,

Regarding automated outgoing emails sending: credentials to mailboxes are stored as an encrypted string (can be checked in MailboxSyncSettings table - the column is called UserPassword) and no one can decode this string so your password cannot be found in Creatio application. Also you can create a process that will use this noreply-creatiocare@northwind.com mailbox as mailbox to send replies, but those replies won't be received by recipients since mailbox noreply-creatiocare@northwind.com doesn't exist and the process which sends these automated emails will fail. It is easier to sync some existing mailbox and restrict emails synchronization so to allow email sending only (as Ryan suggested).

As for OAuth usage when syncing Office365 mailbox - it is possible. Please email support@creatio.com so we could send you the file with instructions.

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You do have to configure a mailbox with credentials to the SMTP server (in my case Mailjet). You cannot simply relay to an unconfigured mailbox (as Oscar mentions). A mailbox does need to exist, I created a mailbox under the Supervisor user for Mailjet for this purpose. For Mailjet, I am able to specify any number of email from addresses for domains I have validated. So, in Creatio, I can tell it what to use as the from address for the mailbox (as long as it's one that will be accepted by the SMTP server). When you add the mailbox, you enter the email address:

I can enter ANY email address here that will be accepted by my SMTP server. What I have done is create several different mailboxes, all configured for the same account on my SMTP server (for me that is Mailjet) and each one has a different from address. So, in your case, all you need to do is when you set up the mailbox and select your SMTP only email provider, enter the address you want as the from address.


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