I attempted to get a lookup value in an email body, however it came through as the Id of the lookup value.

I tried to create a text process parameter and use a formula: [#Read PCR Data.First item of resulting collection.PCR Change Type#].ToString()

I expected the result to look like thisL reason: "Proactive Break/Fix"

however the result looked like this: reason: "ec15074d-4b35-4191-ae85-5bf01144101a"

How can I get the text value instead of the id?

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You will have to read the lookup within the PCR Data, in your example not only do you have to "Read PCR Data" but you should also read the "PCR Change Type" lookup (in another element) which is in the object you are already reading.

The filtration will be something like 'ID = Read PCR Data.PCR Change Type'.

Extra** The reason you got your result (and why it is still technically true) is because you are only reading the UID value of the lookup and not the Name value - there is some magic that happens to connect the UID.Name in the view. So what your code is doing is casting the UID 'type' to string 'type'.

Hope this helps!

Philip Wierciszewski,

Perfect! thanks so much!

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