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Why does the 'system email' checkbox that overrides the “Do not use email” checkbox not appear on triggered emails?

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Hello Katie,

Could you please elaborate on your question? 

There's a tick box named 'system email' that if you tick it, it will send to all contacts in the audience, even if they have unsubscribed. It's so that you can still send non-marketing emails out. That option only appears on bulk emails not triggered emails. 

Hello Katie, 


As of now this option is not available for the trigger emails. 

They cannot be start manually but mostly being used in campaigns, system mechanisms that are used in campaigns, including the one that adds audience from a campaign to the trigger emails are a bit different from those that are used for bulk emails, therefore it require additional development to implement such option for the trigger emails as well.


We have registered a corresponding query for our responsible R&D team to consider adding this functionality to trigger emails as well. 


Best regards,

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