Section Attribute getting automatically updated.


In the Account section there is detail inserted named "Address".

Any record being added in the Address detail is reflected back on the Account section Address field without running any business process.

Can anyone please help with the logic behind the same?

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Please provide the screenshot of the attribute under the question.


Thank you!


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Hi Janhavi,


Go to the advanced setting and search for the object AccountAddress.
You should see a schema which in the Base package. Open it  and click on open process button.


After that you see this screen. Click on the highlighted item and you should be able to see how the address is synced with main entity (Account) from Account address. 


Also check it in the Account object. 




Cheng Gong

Oscar Dylan,

Hi Oscar
The address field at the addresses detail as shown in the image 1. is being directly reflected to the account section address field at image 2.


Image 1.


Image 2.

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