Record for Macros is not getting saved If there are more than 1 send email added in a case.

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We are trying to add send email in a case for each stage but after adding the "Record for macros” with the “[#Main] for one send email and for another stage when we create the same and add it the previous "Record for macros” value also is not available and the present one also.


Question : We are creating a case and it has many stages and in each stage we are trying to send email to the owner on the status . So we have added the “Send Email” and provided "Record for macros” with the “[#Main] and the same was added to the next stage also. but when we reopen the “Send email” the entered value for “"Record for macros” is not saved and while saving the case also it asks us to add it once again though we add and save it. The value doesn’t get saved and it is empty.

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Hello Amritha!


Thank you for your question!


Please be advised that in order for the Macros to be executed as intended you may try adding a custom Macro to the HTML code of the [ HTML ] element of the Email template. You may find more information on it here:…


In addition, I would recommend checking if the Macros was set up accordingly to these Academy Articles below:





In case you would want to add a Macro Handler you may find information on this subject here:…


Hope this would be useful!


Please do not hesitate to contact the Creatio Support team in case you have additional questions!





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