Permission to add an object record from different Read only object

Hi all,


In Freedom UI (and possibly 7.x), you are unable to use the "open new record"  button from a record page of an object where the user only has read only access. To me this doesn't really make sense and I'm hopeful there is a way around it? 


For example, the user has read only access to "Account", but the user has write access to "Contact". On the Account page there is a list of contacts (detail) with the button to add new. 


The user has the permissions to add this contact, but the system says permissions do not exist to edit object "Account" - even though the user is not editing the object account - it is simply trying to open the new record page for Contact. 


Am I missing something here? 


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Hi Harry,


I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on the 8.0.7 version, therefore we recommend updating your application to the latest version.

Thanks Bogdan, yes it looks like it was a bug which is now fixed. 

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