Page redirection


I run the process from button on editpage

but when i want to move to process page it doesnt work

I do it this way:

this.sandbox.publish("PushHistoryState", {hash: "ProcessCardModuleV2/AutoGeneratedPageV2/377caef9-d9ed-48ee-8458-3106e61dfdc6"});

When i Change the hash to {hash: "IntroPage/StudioIntro"} it work

by the way.

What is the syntax for this when i want to do it from c#

i try Terrasoft.Configuration.MsgChannelUtilities.PostMessage(Get("UserConnection"),"PushHistoryState","{{hash: \"IntroPage/StudioIntro\"}}"); but it dosn't work


Regards Tomek


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Dear Tomek,

Seems like the provided URL is not correct and does not exist. Please try to use using relative or full path to the page. This approach will save browser history like that you're trying to use before.

What about changing the browser location from the back-end (C#) code, of course, this is impossible to do directly, but you can use web-sockets to publish message from C#, subscribe to this message on some page. And if this page will be opened when back-end message will appear, you can change window.location inside the callback function of the javascript subscribe method.

Here the example of the publishing and subscribing described in the comments:…

Hope you will find it helpful.



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