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I've long wondered how best to set up the configuration when you have many objects and related schemas, etc. that all depend on each other. Let's say we have "Accounts", "Contacts", "Agents" "Feedback", "Bookings" and so on. 


All of these objects have either a dependency based on a lookup of the other, or they have a related list on a page schema. 

I am attempting to try and separate out, but it's not possible without causing dependency issues. I noticed that Creatio's base configuration copes with this by creating many copies of a object, and adding them in packages such as "ContactInAccount". This seems like it would be hard to manage from a user level. 

Would most just add all the objects mentioned above into a single package to decrease complexity? 



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When setting up the configuration for multiple objects with interdependencies, there are various approaches you can take. Let's consider some strategies to help you manage the complexity effectively:

  1. Analyze interdependencies: Start by analyzing the interdependencies between the objects. Identify which objects depend on each other and how they are related. This will help you understand the relationships and dependencies that exist within your system.

  2. Consider modularization: Instead of including all objects in a single package, you can consider modularizing your configuration. Divide your objects into logical modules based on their functionality or business domains. 

  3. Use shared packages: If you have objects that are commonly used across multiple modules or have shared dependencies, you can create separate packages for these shared objects. This way, you can include these packages in the respective modules that require them. 

  4. Leverage lookup fields and related lists: When configuring the objects, utilize lookup fields and related lists to establish the relationships between them. This allows you to reference and display related records without creating redundant copies of objects.

  5. Test and validate: Regardless of the approach you choose, it's crucial to thoroughly test and validate your configuration to ensure that the interdependencies and relationships are properly maintained. This will help identify any issues or conflicts early on.

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