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Hi community,


I need to open the adress page that is automaticly created of every newly created account in order to "force" users to update the 1st adress.

I've tried this vis business process in 2 ways but without sucess:

option a) via "Open edit page" element, I do not get the "Account address page | AccountAddressPageV2". How can I acess this page in the open edit element?

option b) via " Pre-configured page", this way I can get the correct page to open but am not able to get the automaticly generate adress record to open. How can I pass an Id of an existing record to the preconfigured page?


Any ideas on how to achieve any of the 2 options would be fine.




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Have you concidered making this field required with Business rules?

Dear Luis,


You can add lookups and text fields from the account address on Pre-configured page and then use the "add data" element to paste all entered values to the account address. 


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Hi thanks for quick reply,


@Julius: as the adress is a detail of the account, I did not find a way to make it mandatory via business rule.


@Angela: If I understand correctly your sugestion, you mean to build an independent page from the "Account address page | AccountAddressPageV2" and then write the information colected in that page to the account adress?


I had considered this if I don't find a more direct way, but also for future reference, do you know why, account adress cannot be called in "Open edit page"  element?





Luis Tinoco Azevedo,

Yes, and you can even use an Auto-generated page since you need only existing lookups. As for your question - most likely it is due to its specific logic. Not all details can be opened in "Open edit page"  element.


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