Not Allowed to Substitute Module Error

I am following the instructions in the academy page (…) to create an editable list.  When I get to part 2 (Creating a Detail Schema), it says to inherit BaseGridDetailV2 base detail list schema functions, and the picture shows "Base schema - Details with list ( NUI )."  I don't see an option with the NUI in the list, but if I choose the one that is there then I get an error message "Substitution of Modules is not Allowed."  


These are the options I have to choose from:


I have looked for "BaseGrid" and "base detail list", but there are no options to choose from.  Are these instructions still up to date?

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The instructions said to add a new Module, but I found that it works if I use a "Schema of the Detail View Model with List" instead.  It works fine doing it this way.

Hello Timothy,

Try to choose "Schema of the Detail View Model with List" option when adding a new module instead of "Module" options. It should help.

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