"No display value" when creating a new record trough UI.

Hi Community.


I was building an application in the new Atlas 8.0.1 release when I stumbled upon a problem. I have a "Task page" with a "Add Time registration" button which creates a new record for Time registration under that specific Task. I pass two values, namely the current project and the current task the User is working in. The project gets filled in but the task is filled in with "No display value". I know for certain that when the button is clicked, the Tasks.id is filled in and has a display value (Name). Has anyone encountered the same issue?


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Hello Vincent,


As this is a custom button that works with custom tasks/projects we wouldn't be able to assist you over here without having direct access to the website, as we don't have enough information to analyze the whole situation.


Please send us a message to support@creatio.com and we will be able to assist you further with this case.


Although from what I see in the photos, to the project you are passing the "Project" value, and to the "Task" you are passing the "Id", instead of passing the "Task" value itself. Perhaps that's where the issue happens.


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